Common Questions

What is Future Proof Advisors?

Future Proof Advisors is a business transformation company designed to provide mid-market and emerging businesses with actionable, expert advice from top entrepreneurs and thought leaders across major industries to unlock their hidden value and improve our collective future.

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What do we do?

We help companies rapidly transform their operations to create meaningful change in the world around them, improving the lives of every stakeholder along the way. Using our unique multi-million dollar network of entrepreneurs and C-level experts to perfectly match businesses with the best advice, Future Proof Advisors helps businesses quickly and efficiently find the right solution for their budget in less time. Specifically, we provide vision, strategy, optimization, coaching, and connections.

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Who does Future Proof Advisors help?

Instead of targeting already-overserved startups and Fortune 500 companies, Future Proof Advisors is specifically focused on providing mid-market and emerging companies with the expert advice they need for today and tomorrow’s mid-sized business ecosystem, so the advice is always tailored to the unique challenges entrepreneurs in this space are facing.

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How do I know if I would be a right fit as a Future Proof Advisors Member?

You recognize that you would benefit from expert help, and you have the goal-oriented mindset to do the work. You’re ready to execute the plans developed with your Strategic Advisors and roll up your sleeves to get it done. If this sounds like you, then our advisors can help point you to the right resources and open up their networks to accelerate you to the solutions you need faster and better.

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What problems can we solve?

Because Future Proof Advisors has an incredibly broad network of talented Strategic Advisors from across industries and disciplines, Future Proof Advisors is uniquely equipped to help mid-market and emerging businesses regardless of the challenge they face. Whether an entrepreneur needs help launching a new business, reimagining an existing one, scaling, staffing, lead generation, or anything else, Future Proof Advisors has the right team of Strategic Advisors to create meaningful transformation.

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How do I become a Future Proof Advisors member?

In order to best provide our members with the most personalized, one-on-one advice, we select the companies we work with very carefully. If you’re interested in becoming a Future Proof Advisors Member, or want to know more about our process, contact us at

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What can I expect by joining?

Results. Here are six common key outcomes you can expect:

  1. Your company’s vision is redefined and clarified in a way that helps you see new paths forward.
  2. An optimized business model designed by our Strategic Advisors to restructure your organization and staff in a way that best fits your unique needs.
  3. Customized, agile marketing plans and sales strategies to help get your product or service to market, quickly and profitably.
  4. Expert guidance and one-on-one mentorship provided directly to your CEOs and leadership team.
  5. Both new and strengthened strategic partnerships and relationships with key figures in the industry.
  6. An energizing experience resulting in a happier, more fulfilled existence in your business.

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What are the benefits of membership?

Direction, experience, a proven network, and wisdom from entrepreneurs and executives that have been where you are and want to help you and your company get further faster and enjoy the process as you go.

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What do you mean by “mid-market” or “emerging” businesses?

We recommend companies have a revenue range of $5M – $75M to work with us.