Who We Are

We help mid-market and emerging companies unlock hidden value and overcome barriers that prevent meaningful growth. Our proven, trusted, Strategic Advisors are experienced business leaders who work to rapidly transform and accelerate companies toward faster, better outcomes. We function as an outsourced board, providing wisdom, expertise, guidance, direction, connections, and more to ensure that our members achieve measurable short and long-term results.

Just Some of Our Experience

Just Some of Our Achievements

Our Founders

Terry Dry and Greg Boles launched Future Proof Advisors with one goal in mind: to create the resource they wish existed when launching their first ventures – on-demand access to experts with the experience, wisdom, and connections to help business owners achieve the outcomes they desire.

Terry Dry

Corporate Strategy
1:1 Executive Coaching

Future Proof Advisors
Co-Founder & CEO

Terry Dry a future-facing marketer, entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, CEO and coach who has founded, grown, and re-invented companies for over 25-years.

Greg Boles

Corporate Growth Strategy
P&I Optimization
Finance & Banking

Future Proof Advisors
Co-Founder & CFO

Greg Boles is a proven COO and CFO with both early-stage and midmarket companies with 25-years of experience delivering top and bottom line across technology, retail, and digital marketing industries.

Our Advisors

Our network of Strategic Advisors functions like an outsourced board to ensure you have the resources you need to complement and support your team.
We value wisdom that comes from experience, but we also pride ourselves on tapping into fresh perspectives and novel thinking.
  • Founded social media and digital marketing agencies
  • Launched dozens of start-ups and tech companies
  • Advised dozens of founders, CEOs, and business leaders
  • Worked with hundreds of brands and Fortune 500 companies
  • Grown and scaled companies from $4M to $200M+
  • Raised capital and structured major business deals
  • Taken companies through M&A and consolidations
  • Executed successful exits of early-stage and middle-market companies
  • Consumer engagement and marketing award recipients
  • Featured speakers at tech and marketing industry conferences
  • Drove strategic change at the biggest film studios in the world
  • Ran artist development and tour marketing for major record labels