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Terry Talks Business Valuations on Ask Valor Masterminds Podcast

Author: Future Proof Advisors

Future Proof Advisors CEO Terry Dry joined Joe Zeman and Galan Ruelos on Ask Valor Masterminds to share his insights and tips for Business Valuations.  Some key points discussed in this episode:

  1. Having the proper mindset when selling your business you need to remember that you still hold the cards.
  2. Not All Deals are created equally
  3. There are different metrics for different sales or different industries.
  4. Do I want to be in business with the buyers?
  5. Be careful with a business you are interested in when the seller is too eager to sell
  6. Tools and metrics used for valuations including revenue, EBITDA, growth rate, client list, management team quality, and more! 

Questions for Terry? Contact Terry at and for more episodes of Ask Valor Masterminds – visit their website here. 

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